Service cost

Service cost

The service has a monthly cost per Organization of $ 500.00 (ARS) or U$S 40.00 (USD)(1) and must be paid by who registers the organization, remaining as its owner.

As of January 1, 2017, the applicable costs will be $ 500.00 (ARS) per month, for all registered users in Argentina, and U$S 40.00 (USD) for registered users abroad, that must be paid up to the 10th of each month through the means agreed with Pelgoros for their account.(2)

Registered users of third-party organizations have no cost, except for those who register organizations of their own, in which case they will pay for the organizations registered by themselves.

Any users that register in the system, will not be charged until the moment in which they register an organization as their own, with the proper form. Thereafter, a trial period of 30 days will be counted, during which all the benefits of the service will be available. After the 30 days period, since the first organization was created, the charges described above will apply, and the total amount will depend on the number of organizations registered and owned by the user.

It should be noted that different accounts can not yet be linked, so each registration should result in a different account.

Due to the nature of the service, no charges will automatically be applied in any case, being the customer's responsability, owners of organizations, make payments corresponding to their charges due, through the means agreed. In case of non-compliance, intentionally or by default with the required payments of the accounts, the debtor accounts will initially pass to a suspended status and, subsequently, cancelled due to lack of payment.(3)

(1) The 40 USD rate is for any customer residing outside Argentina.

(2) The means of payment will be, for the time being, bank transfer, and the account information must be requested by e-mail to the address: In case of a modification in this policy, you will be notified by e-mail to the address from which you subscribe to the service.

(3) The suspended accounts will lose their right to access their related data, but will be fully recovered after regularizing their payments. The canceled accounts will lose their right to access permanently their related data and will no longer be visible to related users. This way, no action is required to interrupt your service other than just stop using it.